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Ann Wigmore’s Living Foods Lifestyle – Part 1: CLASSES

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Ann Wigmore’s Living Foods Lifestyle – Part 2: RECIPES

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Green Recipes for Health & Weight Loss with Eco-Chef Debra Secunda

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Raw Survival with Viktoras Kulvinskas – Buy $12.99  Rent – 2.99


Spiritual Nutrition for Yoga with Gabriel Cousens

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Gabriel Cousens, M.D. “Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine”

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Debra Secunda @ 2015 NEWLIFE EXPO

“Good Mood Food” Demo & Tastings with Debra Secunda at “Health & Wellness Expo, May 30-31, 2015

Saturday 3 PM, Sunday 4 PM, Panel at 11 AM 



Pre-registration is now open for the NEWLIFE Health & Wellness Expo in NYC on May 29-31 at the Hotel PennsylvaniaPre-reg now get discounts and avoid long lines 



TV Host, MC Demo Reel

In addition to a science background, Debra Secunda has a vast knowledge of nutrition, yoga and metaphysical studies that greatly enhance her on-camera interviews. She has served as MC for various charity events and moderator for numerous panels at Expo’s, etc.

Her years of “demo & tasting” presentations for large audiences as a Healthful  “green living” Chef have granted her status as a revered speaker and occasional caterer.

See excerpts from her DVD “Green Recipes for Health & Weight Loss” on this website:


Green Remedy for Mid-Winter Blues

Green Remedy for the Mid-Winter Blues
by Debra Secunda 

It snowed recently and as I gaze out my window I still see at least 100 shades of gray, gloomy skies and slushy streets.
By now we’ve probably all heard that a prolonged lack of sunshine causes the depression and lethargy of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). There’s even documentation of increased suicide rates in the high Northern lattitudes of Scandinavia.
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