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Debra SecundaProducer: Debra Secunda

TV host Debra Secunda has interviewed best selling authors such as
Dr. Dean Ornish “Eat More, Weigh Less”, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Columbia Prof. Robert Thurman “Inside Tibetan Buddhism”, Gary Null “Natural Healing”, Jack LaLanne, Ram Dass “Be Here Now”, Sharon Gannon & David Life of “Jivamukti Yoga”, Krishna Das, “Greatest Hits of the Kali Yuga”, James Van Prague “Talking to Heaven”, Adele Puhn “The 5 Day Miracle Diet”, Dan Millman “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, Dr. Earl Mindell “The Vitamin Bible”, and many others concerning the Body-Mind-Spirit connection in relation to Health, Awareness & Wellness.

Her dedication to improving “everyday life on Earth” is reflected in various charity fundraising projects and endeavoring to further Enlightenment and Healing through the MEDIA and “Sky in the Pie Productions, Inc.”.

E-mail: debra@rawfooddvds.com
Phone: 212 751 3239


Director: Robert Shaman

Film-maker Robert Shaman has dedicated himself to producing videos that are directed toward the transformation of individual consciousness. They include a wide variety of subjects from Yoga and Live-Food diets to Tantra and metaphysical pursuits. In these featured videos he has been in charge on every level from production to designing & editing so that this vital new information can be made available to people everywhere.

E-mail: robert@rawfooddvds.com


MISSION STATEMENT: This dynamic team is curently in pre-production for a mainstream magazine-format Television Series based on these topics. To be a part of this Higher Shift in media, please contact us.

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