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Excerpt 1
Part 1: Nutrition for the MIND
Liberation: The Six Foundations for Spiritual Life & Awakening Kundalini (Practical daily tools & practices beyond Meditation). Understanding & utilizing the chakra system to attain cosmic Consciousness.
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Excerpt 2
Part 2: Nutrition for the Body
Learn how your food choices may contribute to quieting the Mind. How Raw-Live Vegan food increases Prana (Life-force). Which Minerals enhance flexibility & bone strength. What Mothers need to know about breast milk & ADHD
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Excerpt 3
Special Bonus: "Spiritual Fasting"
Learn how to DETOXIFY the Body, Mind & Spirit with Nutritious Green Juices. Author of "There is a Cure for Diabetes", Dr. Cousens' program is now recognized as being able to reverse Type II Diabetes & other ailments! How to safely & gently come down from a fast.
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