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These quick & easy nutritious & delicious recipes will energize & boost your immune system: Nirvana nut Loaf; Lasagna with walnut "sausages"; Creamy Ricotta nut "Cheese" & more! Learn how to Sprout your own Superfoods for pennies & just minutes!
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This is a 5 minute version of "Green Sunshine", a complete meal in a Blender. The DVD includes extra kitchen tips and information. This recipe is great for Fasting & safe, natural detoxification.
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"Debra Secunda's understanding of healthy lifestyle choices, sincerity & enthusiasm makes this DVD inspiring & enjoyable."
- Gabriel Cousens, MD, founder, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center & author of "Conscious Eating", "There is a Cure for Diabetes", & "Spiritual Nutrition"

"I sampled Debra Secunda's amazing Raw Lasagna
at a health expo. Yum! It was some of the
best raw food I've ever tasted!"

- Brenda Cobb, author, founder, Living Foods Institute